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The team of nerds at Blackmarkett have compiled valuable e-books that covers areas such as ID Creation, identity changing, pin cracking, hacking, barcodes, Passports & visas. Additionally we have the notorious and reliable Transgen Barcode generator with all 50 states modules free of cost.  .                                  

Transgen 2 Download-All 50 states DRIVERS LICENSE Barcode GENERATOR

All 50 State Modules & Instructions included                         

INSTRUCTIONS - Once you download this zip file, extract the contents and install Java Platform SE , you will find it in the folder called "INSTALL THIS FIRST - JAVA APP".

After a successful installation of the "Java Software" , you will see the executable file in the main folder called "Transgen-2.0rc2.jar". PLEASE NOTE- IF YOU HAVE WINRAR INSTALLED ON YOUR COMPUTER, IT MAY SHOW UP AS WINRAR EXE FILE, JUST RIGHT CLICK AND OPEN WITH "JAVA SE ENVIRONMENT".

Software should start and it should be easy from there. If you need further instructions to use the software, you should not be in this LINE of work..

Yours Truly,




Change Your Identity - 2018

An e-book that serves as a tutorial on how to bypass security systems with your new id.                      


Secrets of Back-Alley ID MAN

Fake ID Construction Techniques of the Underground.                      

Secrets of ID Man.pdf

Basics of ID Card Printing

Tutorial on the basics of printing ID Cards.                      


Mechanics of Barcodes

Basic and advance details of barcodes.                      



How one hacker took over the billion-dollar cybercrime underground.                   

Kingpin - Kevin Poulsen.pdf

Pin Cracking

The unbearable lightness of Pin Cracking.                   

PIN Cracking-comsec-09.pdf

Change Your Identity(Part 2) - 2018

An e-book that serves as a tutorial on how to bypass security systems with your new id.                      

How to get a new Identity Ariza Research 2008.pdf

National Standard for Drivers License

An e-book that detailing the standards of Drivers Licenses and ID’s.                      

AAMVA National Standard for the Driver License Identification Card-2000.pdf

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